Tellus environment - Cartographier l'invisible pour agir

HD Cartography

Environmental remediation: a high-definition detection process for locating any ferrous object

With a non-destructive technique, easy to set up at a very low cost, Tellus Environment allows you to reduce exploratory drilling in the soil and to shorten the interpretation time needed by the experts. Based on a magnetic measuring campaign, whether land-based or airborne, the Magsalia process provides a precise location of objects buried at a depth up to 30 m below the ground surface. Moreover, it is possible to ascertain the nature of the object by estimating its susceptibility and its mass in pure iron.

High quality risk control for planners

High definition cartography of the subsoil with our process is an indispensable tool in order to reduce investigation costs. Within the scope of spatial planning (for roads, sanitation, etc.), Tellus Environment offers decision support-tools for ordering institutions aiming at mastering environmental risk on work sites (detections of archaeological remains and war remnants, bombs, etc.).

Underwater detection method

Numerous projects for wind and marine turbines are set up along the shores in Europe and especially in France. Indicating to the ordering institutions the risk areas, in view of setting up offshore material on a vestige-free ground (without any wreck or buried munitions, for example), falls under the competences of Tellus Environment. Precise location of potentially dangerous objects and detection of unobtrusive objects in a disturbed environment are of particular interest for the project owner.

Sustainable management of water resources: digital elevation model with augmented reality

Within a context of degradation of water quality, Tellus Environment aims at taking part in the protection of surface, coastal and ground waters, in order to prevent any further degradation. The particular methodology developed by Tellus Environment consists in making visible the areas vulnerable to pollutant transfers and mapping underground water circulation, micro reliefs, runoff and erosion.

Tellus Environment takes part in the development of technical solutions for sustainable and precision agriculture. We want to allow a better agricultural land management through input optimisation.


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