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  • Client Urbanisme Contemporain
  • Domaine Environnement
  • Moyens utilisés magnétomètre GSM19 à effet "overhauser"


Aerial photographs highlight the presence of linear anomalies within the zone of housing project, which are interpreted as agricultural sewerage and drains. The location of these structures with benchmarks has to be confirmed, as they are considered as flood aggravating factors.

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  • Client IRSTEA
  • Domaine Environnement/Agriculture
  • Moyens utilisés Le Lidar


Drainage exists since ancient times and huge drainage programmes have been launched until the end of the 90’s, for the purpose of improving productivity and sanitation and also for recapturing uncultivated land. As those projects were not lead in the same way as nowadays, they were not subjected to precise diagnosis for estimating their environmental impact (such as pollution, flooding, state of road networks, etc.). The Ministry for Sustainable development and environment of Quebec, the Chamber of Agriculture of the Maine-et-Loire French department, and the French National research institute of Science and technology for Environment and agriculture (IRSTEA) have conducted studies proving that underground drainage represents the main transportation track for nitrates and total nitrogen, which are then filtered into streams. This may be one of the reasons for their higher concentration in the streams.

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  • Client SIAAP
  • Domaine Sites & sols pollués
  • Moyens utilisés Le magnétomètre GSM19 à effet Overhauser


For the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, on behalf of the SIAAP (water management institution for the Parisian region), it is necessary to remove gas cylinders buried on a 5000 m2 site at Le Blanc-Mesnil. The DI Service company entrusts to Tellus Environment the task of diagnosing and mapping the underground.

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  • Client ERDF
  • Domaine Environnement
  • Moyens utilisés capteur EM, magnétomètre et géoradar

Underground network detection is systematically requested during geographical surveys, even when the mission’s main goal is completely different. Their detection is thus a major challenge, just like their discrimination in terms of nature and depth.


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