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Discrimination of archeological buried objects in Calais

Métier Archéologie

  • Client: INRAP
  • Domaine: Archéologie
  • Moyens utilisés: GEOMETRICS G882 and Klein 3900


The port of Calais, of its geographical position, was very active in the medieval and modern periods. The potential for archaeological finds, including wrecks, is important. The quest to advance knowledge about the history of maritime commerce and shipbuilding therefore justifies an underwater INRAP preventive action in this area.



To limit the number of false alarms, we have to reprocess the magnetics datas and use Magsalia expert system to characterize buried objects in a magnetical polluted environment. The challenge is to position the magnetic anomalies of interest in an area of ​​200ha.


Surveys are conducted by the geomines compagny and are using cesium vapor magnetometer GEOMETRICS G882 and Klein 3900 side scan sonar. The magnetometer fly over the background between 2m and 4m. The profiles of the survey are spaced every 5 meters

Results and benefits customers

The expert system provides Magsalia:

- 3 additional information compared to a conventional 2D system (depth, weight, horizon)

- An indication of the presence or absence of geological magnetic anomalies

Our added value:       

  • Elimination of false echoes geological, infrastrusture ...
  • Location of ten discrete targets potentially archaeological among 4000

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