Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources

To detect the invisible (anomalies, faults ...), Tellus Environment accompanies its customers in their exploration projects. Its innovative treatments, proven equipment and team of multidisciplinary experts allow you to increase your chances of finding a deposit while reducing the number of surveys planned.


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Space remote sensing

In all its projects, TE includes multi-spectral data processing by Satellite (or Lidar).

Surface characterization of ores
First orientations on the local geological context.

TE uses several data sources and adapts to the desired level of precision and ground visibility:

Sentinel Satellites (1-2-3-5P)
Lidar 3D data (e.g. RIEGL VQ780i)

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Geophysics and Airborne Lidar

TE manages the entire project and relies on a network of qualified partners.

+ Very fast coverage of an extensive prospecting area
+ Search for geological accidents and geophysical anomalies

TE offers solutions adapted to the mission’s objectives, the investigative surface and the field constraints:

Vectors: Aircraft, Helicopter or Drone
Proven on-board geophysical sensors: Magnetometer, EM, Gravimeter, Radiometry and Lidar

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Ground geophysics

The geophysical exploration phase on the ground is essential to qualify a deposit and guide the survey work

+ Information on the depth of the deposit
+ Accuracy of information on the location of abnormalities

TE teams are qualified to provide several geophysical methods:

Electrical resistance
Induced (IP) or provoked polarization (PP)
Geological Georadar

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Processing, Modeling and Inversion

Expert in geophysical data processing, TE benefits from a patented processing algorithm and a team of geophysics and mathematics experts.

+ Flexible and adaptable system
+ 2D and 3D visualization of targets
+ Characterization of abnormalities: weight, depth and shape
+ Geological mass identification drowned in noise
+ “Lidar” treatment by amplification of microreliefs
+ Automatic Geological Accident Detection (Machine Learning)
+ Reprocessing historical data



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