Energy and Natural Resources

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Energy and Natural Resources

To detect the invisible traces in subsoil (anomalies, faults …), Tellus Environment assists its customers in their exploration projects. Its innovative data-processing tools, proven equipment and team of multidisciplinary experts make increase chances of finding a deposit while reducing drilling expenses.






In order to support you in your mining exploration project, we help you by offering you 3D data processing tools to make the earth transparent. Our data processing solutions are compatible with all types of satellite, geophysical, lidar or multi-spectral surveys. To reach a quality result, we work with recognized data collection companies all over the world.







Team Tellus Environment



Our support team consists of geophysicists, data scientists who transform mission statement into a proposal force for exploration teams and service providers.







We have also developed complementary offers based on our expertise covering the entire process surveys from the choice of technologies and data collection to their interpretation (real-time data quality control, on-site calibration, flight plan advice, etc.).




We operate all over the world.

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lidar magsalia



Magsalia© is a data fusion and treatment process that produces heat maps and subsoil 3D modelling. It is a decision support tool to validate the drilling plan. Thanks to this process, our added value is to limit the financial risks, technical and environmental issues related to mining exploration.







Unlike other products on the market, you benefit from a synthesis of maps produced by geophysics, satellite, lidar and multispectral and also from the latest developments in our service. You do not have to learn how to use complex software. There is no need to purchase a licence or monthly subscription and payment is based on the volume of data to be processed.

We also rework old data to improve its quality and use it for a new project.





In 2D, TELLUS Environment is capable of reprocessing old data to add value. The client only pays for what he needs, as he will only entrust us with the areas of interest.
By reprocessing data from data or from existing geophysical images, we can apply automatic lineament detection.
We can also fill in errors and make better maps to help exploration become more efficient.

Our Magsalia© software responds to the financial and environmental problems presented by mining. It makes it possible to make soils transparent and to have a 3D overview of geophysical maps, so object detection is better apprehended. Thanks to satellite data, data processing and Magsalia©, there is less drilling, less deforestation, the financial cost is lower and drilling is efficient.



Tellus Environment, a major player in artificial intelligence and digital exploration.

synthese TELLUS Environment Magsalia process


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